In Madrid, taking a taxi is comparatively cheap. If a taxi is available, the green light on its roof is lit. Should you need a taxi, it is sufficient to stretch out your arm or to wave and a passing taxi will stop immediately, provided that it is free.
However, people who are unfamiliar with the area should exercise caution as few black sheep among the taxi drivers like to choose a longer route to bring their guests to their destination. Problems with correct billing are very rare due to price transparency. The taxi journeys are generally paid on the time taken, so you should avoid routes and times with congestions if possible. Altogether, this is a very reliable means of transportation. All taxi drivers must pass a local knowledge test to confirm that they know the city centre exceptionally well.

A striking fact is the high number of taxis in Madrid: there are approximately 15,000 registered taxis in the Spanish capital. The official taxis in Madrid are instantly recognizable by their white paint and red stripe on the front doors.
All taxis have a taximeter, which is highly visible. On the rear windows, you will find a sticker displaying both the current price and surcharge information in Spanish and English. The validity period is printed on these stickers.

If you ever have doubts about the legality of the asked fare, then request a »recibo« (receipt) and a »hoja de reclamaciones« (Complaint form; each taxi is obliged to carry them). With this form you should contact »Ayuntamiento« (Town Hall), Plaza Villa 4, phone (+34) 914 470 715.


Basic rates

The taximeter will only start to calculate the cost of the journey when the luggage is securely loaded and the passenger is seated. An exception is when a taxi service has been previously booked via telephone, in which case the taximeter starts from the time of the departure of the taxi.

Starting prices for journeys

Mondays to Saturdays, from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm 2,10 €
Sundays and public holidays, from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm 2,20 €
Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am of the following day
2,20 €
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am of the following day
3,10 €


Journeys from or to the passenger terminals of the Barajas Airport
5,50 €
Journeys from and to a railway or bus stations (Méndez Álvaro, Avenida de América, Atocha and Chamartín) 2,95 €
Journeys to and from the grounds of Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I (IFEMA) 2,95 €
Journeys on Christmas Eve and New Year, which are completed between 9.00 pm of the same day and 6.00 am of the following day. 6,70 €
* A maximum of 2 supplements per trip will be charged, except on Christmas and New Year, when up to 3 supplements may be charged on top of the fare.


There is a fixed rate per kilometre and a price per hour, which are applied alternately depending on driving speed.

Price per kilometre

Time Zone Tariff €/km
Between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays) A 1 1
Between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm, Saturdays (excluding public holidays) B 2 1,17
All other days for these times A 2 1,17
B 3 1,20

Prices per hour

  • Day (from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm): 18,50 €
  • Night (from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am): 20,00 €

The price per hour (temporary tariff) incur when the speed is lower than the following:
- in Tarifa 1 up to 18,50 km/h
- in Tarifa 2 during the day up to 15,81 km/h
- in Tarifa 3 during the day up to 15,42 km/h
- in Tarifa 2 at night up to 17,09 km/h
- in Tarifa 3 at night up to 16,67 km/h

The rate of change of the speed is calculated by dividing the value of the time tariff (price per service hour) by the value of the distance tariff (tariff per kilometre).

When the speed is lower than the rate of change, then the calculation of the services is based on applying the time tariff and when the speed is higher, then the rate per kilometre is charged.

The payable amount is the amount on the taximeter (based on an initial fixed rate, distance and travel time) plus the additional costs, which can only be printed in the taxis via the receipt printer.
Tipping is not required, but welcome.

* These prices are valid from 0.00 am on December 22nd 2010.
** Any tolls for the passenger must be paid extra, if they either requested or approved a route which is subject to tolls.

Passenger Rights
  • Printed receipts. Should a printer not be available, a written receipt including Licence number, ID number, serial number, amount, date, place of departure and destination (using an official book of blank receipts).
  • Guide dogs and other pets in their cage.
  • Luggage, as long as it fits either into the car boot and the roof rack and is acceptable.
  • The choice of the route.
  • Control the volume of the radio.
  • Change for payments up to 20€.
  • Air conditioning or ventilation.
  • Stopping the taximeter on outward and return journeys, when it comes to accidents, breakdowns or petrol station stops, with the permission of the passenger, during the trip.

Lost property office
Paseo del Molino 7, (Legazpi)
Phone (+34) 915 279 590

Taxi companies

Radio-Taxi Asociación
Phone (+34) 914 473 232
Radio-Taxi Independiente
Phone (+34) 914 051 213
Radio Taxi de Madrid
Phone (+34) 915 478 200