Study Spanish in Madrid

Madrid, a cosmopolitan, warm, and welcoming city and a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. Madrid, the world capital of the Spanish language, a language that is becoming an essential tool in a growing number of disciplines.

Students from around the world find Madrid an exceptional place to learn a language that is already spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide.

Exhibitions, shows and an endless array of artistic initiatives and leisure activities (shopping, dining out, clubbing) help those who visit Madrid to improve their linguistic skills and increase their knowledge of the Spanish culture..

Madrid is the financial capital of Spain, and as such, offers numerous professional training programmes in some of its leading companies.

Furthermore, it is home to some of the most renowned institutions aimed at nurturing and promoting the Spanish language, such as the National Library or the Cervantes Institute. The latter bears the name of the author of Don Quixote, who lived in the very city and where he put the finishing touches to his great masterpiece. His birthplace, Alcalá de Henares, is just a few kilometres away, and is today a World Heritage Site. Just one of the many reasons to choose Madrid as your language learning destination.

Cultural Tours

The Cervantes Institute and other entities

The National Library. Center in charge of identifying, preserving, conserving and disseminating Spain's literary heritage.

Café Gijón. Old world café that first opened its doors in 1888 and is the last great literary café, par excellence, in Madrid and a local haunt for celebrities from the worlds of art and literature.

The Cervantes Institute. State-funded Institution, created in 1991 to promote and disseminate the culture of Spain and the teaching in Spanish.

Circle of Fine Arts. Founded in 1880, it is a private cultural entity with a non-profit status and »Center and Public Utility for the Protection of Fine Arts«.  It is a multidisciplinary center that promotes activities that embrace everything from the fine arts to literature including science, philosophy, cinema and the scenic arts.

Lope de Vega House and Museum. 17th Century dwelling purchased by Lope de Vega in 1610 where he lived his latter years.

Sociedad Cervantina. Society devoted to the study of the work of the author od Don Quixote. In fact, it is headquartered on the same lot where Juan de Cuesta had his printing press and where the first part of the novel was published in 1604.

Royal Spanish Academy. »Limpia, fija y da esplendor« (»Cleans, fixes and gives splendour«); This is the motto of the RAE, whose main task, since 1713, has been to ensure and watch over the evolution and correction of the Castilian language.

El Ateneo. A private cultural institution founded in 1835 as a scientific-literary cultural association.


Discover Madrid
Guided Tours

»Literary Madrid«

A stroll through the Writer's Quarter, home to Literati, Muses and Parnassus, where internationally acclaimed writers such as Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Quevedo or Góngora, as well as thespians and other peoples from the world of strolling players, blended together to create a singular atmosphere during the Spanish Golden Age.

Accessible tour recommended: Plaza Mayor - C/Gerona - Plaza Provincia - C/de la Bolsa - Plaza de Jacinto Benavente - Plaza del Ángel - Plaza Santa Ana - C/San Sebastián - Iglesia San Sebastián (C/Atocha) - C/San Sebastián - C/Huertas - C/del León - C/de Cervantes (Casa Lope de Vega) - C/Lope de Vega - C/de San Agustín - Plaza de las Cortes
UhrEvery Friday at 10:00 am
Every Sunday at 12:00 am
*The tour may be subject to change at the discretion of the Tourist Board

»Literary gatherings in Madrid«

A tour of the three main literary dens: the Ateneo de Madrid, the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Circle of Fine Arts) and Café Gijón.
Pfeil rechtsAteneo de Madrid, Prado 21
UhrEvery Thursday at 10:00 am

Bookings and reservations
Pfeil rechtsMadrid Tourism Center
EnvelopePlaza Mayor, 27 - 28012 Madrid
Phone(+34) 915 882 906 / (+34) 915 881 636
(Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 8:30 am)

Studying Spanish

Cervantes Institute

The Cariátides-Building (Alcalá, 49) is home to the central offices of the Cervantes Institute. With more than 60 centers located worldwide, it is the public institution that deals with the promotion and teaching of the Spanish language as well as the promotion of the culture of both Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. An aim it has in common with the Professional Association of Spanish Schools of Madrid (AEEEM), and the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners (FEDELE) that together guarantee the prestige and integrity of the sector.


Public Universities

Pfeil rechtsUniversidad Complutense de Madrid
EnvelopeSecretaría del Centro Complutense para la eseñanza del español (CCEE). Facultad de Filología - Edificio A. Ciudad Universitaria - 28040 Madrid
Phone (+34) 913 945 325
Fax(+34) 913 945 336

Pfeil rechtsFundación General de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / General Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid
EnvelopeCiudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco.
Einstein, 13, pabellón C, 2a planta.
28049 Madrid
Phone (+34) 914 978 828
Fax(+34) 914 978 637

Pfeil rechtsUniversidad rey Juan Carlos
EnvelopeCampus de Vicalvaro. Po de los Artilleros s/n. 28032 Madrid
Phone(+34) 914 887 669
Fax(+34) 913 718 775

Pfeil rechtsUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid
EnvelopeCentro de Idiomas Fernando Lázaro Carreter. Residencia de Estudiantes »Fernando de los Ríos«. Avda de las ciudades, 1 - 28903 - (Getafe) Madrid
Phone(+34) 916 248 622
Fax(+34) 916 248 630

Pfeil rechtsUniversidad de Alcalá
EnvelopeAlcalingua - Universidad de Alcalá
C/Escritorios, 4, 28801, Alcalá de Henares
Phone(+34) 918 812 378
Fax(+34) 918 812 378


Schools of the Professional Association of Spanish Schools of Madrid

Pfeil rechtsAcademia Madrid Plus
EnvelopeArenal, 21. 60 D
Phone(+34) 915 481 116
Metro MadridÓPERA / SOL

Pfeil rechtsDon Quijote Madrid
EnvelopeDuque de Liria, 6
Phone(+34) 913 604 133

Pfeil rechtsEnforex Madrid
EnvelopeBaltasar Gracián, 4
Phone(+34) 915 943 776

Pfeil rechtsEstudio Sampere
EnvelopeLagasca, 16
Phone(+34) 914 314 366

Pfeil rechtsEureka
EnvelopeArenal, 26. 30
Phone(+34) 915 488 640
Metro MadridÒPERA / SOL

Pfeil rechtsInhispania
EnvelopeMontera, 10-12
Phone(+34) 915 212 231
Metro MadridSOL

Pfeil rechtsInternational House Madrid
EnvelopeZurbano, 8
Phone(+34) 913 197 224

Pfeil rechtsOISE Madrid
EnvelopeOrense, 81
Phone(+34) 915 710 450
Metro MadridCUZCO

Pfeil rechtsParaninfo
EnvelopePrincesa, 70. 10 izq.
Phone(+34) 915 433 139

Pfeil rechtsTandem, Escuela Internacional
EnvelopeMarqués de Cubas, 8
Phone(+34) 915 322 715

Pfeil rechtsEscuela Internacional
EnvelopeTalamanca, 10. 10. Alcalá de Henares
Phone(+34) 918 831 264

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